Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 5, 2017 - Done Packing and Lessons


Today we finished the clothes...which means we are done with the initial phase of packing...FINALLY.  This means that we won't have to do any more real hardcore packing until the last week and we can focus now on getting a new place.  Which given our situation really means getting more people to follow our band and promoting our crowdfunding campaign.  It's going to be a crazy couple of weeks.

Me & our 6 year old found a bird egg outside - pic courtesy of the 5 year old!!

I did lessons today, but no real work on the band stuff.  We'll start doing all that tomorrow.  My lessons were fun though.  They are a big time stress reliever for me.   I really hope that I can keep all my students and move them into an office somewhere...or at least transfer them to Facetime or Skype.  We'll see. 

April 8, 2017 - Creepy Family Walk and New Lead for Office Space


We went on another family walk today.  We went the 2 1/2 miles to the mall.  It was a lot of fun as usual, at least on the way there.  The kids were great and got a lot of much needed attention from us after a full day of work.  The mall itself wasn't too fun, just because we got there too late and there wasn't enough time to do much of anything.  Our 6 year old lost her shoe and was getting down on herself...but I talked her through it and she felt better.

Then once we were leaving, Heather spotted the shoe from nearly a football field's distance away.  She also spotted either a hawk or an eagle in the park...which was amazing because it was pitch black, creepy and two of the kids were screaming half of the way through it.  I sure hope we get a new vehicle soon.  Yikes.


For work today, Heather and I double teamed on a new graphic for my Facebook Live Series, "Getting Loopy @ Lunchtime".  I absolutely love it.  I also worked on the prep for the cue cards for all the series.  It is now go time.  The countdown is 21 days until homelessness.  We are going to do everything we can to keep that from happening...much of which will be praying.

I also got a tip from a former student's parent that the building she works in is leasing out an office space for $400.  I will be contacting her A.S.A.P to attempt to move my students there.  Hopefully it will work out, they have a stage and host concerts there.   Actually, it's the same place that I was looking to host an open mic night several months ago.

This building is awesome.

April 7, 2017 - Runaway Cat and Our First Hire


The six year old's cat got out last night.  This cat is her best friend.  He sleeps on her bed, sits with her at breakfast and follows her all over the house.  They are inseparable.  But today he was gone all day. She just wasn't herself.  We went on a couple of walks with the sole intention of trying to find him.  When we came back and ordered pizza...he showed up at the back door.  Thank God...it would have been a very difficult turn of events in an already difficult year for us.  We really don't want a depressed six year old because we are missing a little furry family member.

Kids getting ready for our walk to try and find the cat. 


I've been talking about building a team for awhile.  And originally, I wanted to grow a team completely organically only through students and other people I know.  Today we changed our minds.  We hired a paid professional Instagram Account Manager.  We are very excited to work with him.  We found him on Fiverr.com and he definitely knows what he's doing.  We still want to bring on some volunteers or even paid help from our friends, but right now we have no time to train someone for the job.  We're thinking this guy will help us gain up to 1,000 legit followers in a month...we sure hope so.  We are also looking to hire a video editor in the next few weeks as well.

Hopefully we'll have this little guy on our bands team one day soon!!

April 6, 2017 - Done Packing for Now & Blown Tire


It was nice not having to pack today for the first time in almost 2 weeks.  We ended up being about 3 days behind schedule, but that's ok, at least it's mostly done.  We are trying to transition into focusing more on family times and work now.  It's still tough though.  There is so much going on in our lives right now.  That being said, it was just kind of a weird day.

Someone got ahold of the camera!!

Heather left to go lay down vocals this afternoon.  She had to ride the bike since the van's dead.  She made it about half way and the tire blew!!  What a bummer.  She ended up having to walk about three miles back home with the bike.  So she rescheduled for Sunday when my brother can give her a ride.  There is one thing absolutely for sure...this album is a labor of love.  We have had to put everything we got into trying to get this album released.  Whew.  

April 2, 2017 - Packing the Kid's Room and Recording Again


Continued packing today, not alot to say.  We had to start on the kid's room.  That was difficult...but surprisingly more for us than for the kids.  We figured that they would be bummed that we had to take all their horsey pictures down and pack up most of their toys, but they thought it was cool.  They felt like they had a whole new room.  So can't argue with that.


I went over to Kyle's today to record our first single off of the E.P., which will end up being "Big Plans", the one that I wrote for our son while he was in the hospital.  It's kind of interesting how it all happened...we began recording a year ago, thinking that we would release it last year.  But it kept getting put off.  Now we think we know why.  We have the music video already 95% finished, the vocals for the song are all that's left on the track and we have a strategy to get it in front of as many people who we believe are our target audience as possible.  This is really crazy how this is all panning out.  

April 3, 2017 - Almost Done Pre-Packing and So Much Work it's Insane


This is going to end up being the 2nd to last day of pre-packing for us.  Basically, by tomorrow we should have everything packed except what we use on an almost daily basis.  And that means we'll be nearly done packing 26 days before the move out date.  That may be a new record.  That will give us plenty of time to work with to get everything we need to do done work-wise, at least we hope.

Don't Let him fool you...he's been a grouch lately.


Work-wise we have so much to do it's insane.  In the next 3 1/2 weeks we have to record two songs, do a photo shoot, perform 9 Facebook Live series shows a week, edit videos daily, finish shooting and editing a music video, release the music video as a single, promote the song and video to as many people as possible, fund our fundraiser, teach lessons and find a way to keep as many of my students as possible.  All while trying to finish moving, cleaning, finding a storage shed, finding a place to live, finding a new vehicle and trying to live our daily life with 5 kids and now no transportation.

This is absolutely nuts.

Monday, April 10, 2017

April 4, 2017 - Still Packing and Recording Vocals


More packing today...ahhhh!!!  So sick of packing.  But all we really have left is clothes other than the day to day items.  Once we are done with that, we'll have more time to focus on the kids and  getting our music, live online series and crowdfunding campaign out there.

Poor woman.  Everyone's sleeping and look at all that laundry!!

I went into the recording studio today and finished my vocals on "Big Plans" and re-recorded some of the messed up parts.  When I came in, Kyle had showed me a delay that he had plugged in to the solo.  It sounded absolutely perfect to me!!  He also added some reverb and panned the tracks, then along with the vocals it's starting to sound exactly how I hear it in my head.  Wasn't exactly the way I wanted to record it (I'd love to record the whole album live, but with everything going on, that just isn't feasible).  Maybe next album.

We are really getting excited about releasing this thing!!

April 1, 2017 - Still Packing and It's Go Time

Kept on packing today.  Completely finished the basement storage area, then my brother came over and helped me organize the garage.  Things are moving along rather nicely...and swiftly.  Tomorrow is the kid's room and the play room.  It's going to be pretty sad for them for sure, but we are at least going to keep the bunk bed together for the 6 year old to have her little hideaway on the top bunk with her cat.  After tomorrow, we begin working on promoting our band, our fundraiser, and praying that we get a new place to live.  

Getting stronger every day.

Tomorrow also begins the second phase of recording.  We are going to work on recording the song I wrote for our son while he was in the hospital, which we plan on releasing as a single immediately afterword.  I will either have to get a ride or walk to the recording engineer's house because of our dead vehicle, which sadly means that I may have to record Heather's ukulele part as well.  As much as that sucks, we are running out of time and you gotta do what you gotta do.  If she can't make it out there to record her part next week, we will do a rerecording of it some other time for a full L.P.  

Two things are for sure, life is crazy right now and it's go time.   

March 31, 2017 - Our Van Died...for good I think


Today our 1999 Ford Windstar keeled over and died.  I think it's the end for the old beast.  We got it right before having our second child back in 2012 from a friend of mine's employer...a daycare.  We bought it for $1,000 and it has made it through some extremely crazy circumstances.  We weren't even sure it was going to last us 1 or 2 years, but it lasted 5.  It stopped running at some interesting times...2 weeks before our 3rd child's due date for example.  But it always died at home, and we were always able to get it back up and running.

Someone's Still Happy Though
This time, it just felt different.  I went to start it to go to the store and it started turning over and something snapped or exploded or something.  After that, it wouldn't even try to turn over.  Not sure we even care to try to fix it anyway.  It seems like an expensive problem and it's now too small for our huge family.  We always said we thought it would die right before we got a new one.  Thing is we have no money for a new vehicle.  God's gotta take care of this one. 

March 29, 2017 - Packing and Calling in Sick


Most of are still sick with some sort of cough thing.  We still pushed through and packed all day.  Packed up all of the stuff we don't use on a daily basis in the living room, our bedroom, and the dining room.  We don't even know where we're going or how we are going to get there, but God knows and we know He will provide us a place.  We just feel like it's time to pack.

Dad and his big helpers

I had 3 students that I ended up rescheduling because of being sick.  I am not into giving lessons when I am sick...just doesn't seem professional to me.  I guess doing skype or facetime lessons it wouldn't matter though...

This is a graphic Heather made for one of our Facebook Live Shows.

March 30, 2017 - More Packing and Live From the Practice Room


The kids are taking this moving thing pretty well.  We've been destroying the house all week packing and they are just cool as could be.  Our 5 year old is taking pictures and videos of everything with her new camera that she got for her birthday.  The 6 year old is playing in boxes and the 1 and 3 year olds are just following the older two around.  They even climbed in some boxes and slid down the stairs in them like a bobsled. 

Keeping themselves busy with a tea party

We were able to get the kitchen and the office finished today.  Tomorrow it's the upstairs bathroom, the coat closet and then downstairs.  Hopefully we have the whole house prepacked by Sunday.  That is my goal.  I think I may even stay up all night to accomplish this goal on Sunday. 


I had a couple of lessons scheduled for today, and I felt good enough after being sick the last two days...so I gave them.  I love to teach, it's almost like therapy for me.  After that, Heather and I went live for the second time in our live "Live From the Practice Room" Series.  It went exceptionally well.  I guess 87 people tuned in to watch it.  So, that's pretty cool.  Hopefully we can keep that going.

March 28, 2017 - All Day at Wal-Mart


I spent much of the day away from the family today.  I went and got the battery replaced to the van...and I found out it was under warranty.  Which meant waiting around Wal-Mart while they tested it for 2 hours.  But, it was dead and I got a new battery for free.  That was worth it, especially because the van is at least somewhat drive-able now.

Which means we got to drive somewhere as a whole family for the first time since before the baby's hospital stay...about two months.  We let the kids play at McDonald's while Heather went to the grocery store next door.  The kid's were so happy to be out and about.


Just as I suspected, we weren't approved for the Co-Working Office Space.  They didn't think the other people leasing out spaces there would like the noise, which I understand.  I'm going to keep looking, hopefully we find something for all of my lessons soon. 

While I was sitting at Wal-Mart, I got a lot of work done for our band.  I focused mainly on the cue cards for our music series that we have coming up starting in April.  Very stoked about it.  I still have a little work to do on it, but I don't think it will take me long.

March 26, 2017 - Cleaning and Setting up Recording Schedule


Very busy day here at the house.  We began packing, started with the garage and getting it completely organized.  That way we can just bring stuff out from the house and put it in it's respective area (keep with us, store or give away/sell.  Now we can start getting the rest of the house packed.

Not sure what this is...found it on the kid's camera. 
We also started working on the GoFundMe campaign.  I put up the whole story this morning and sent out the campaign.  We have made $340 already in just 10 hours, which is awesome.  Our friends are very generous and we are very thankful for them.  We have a feeling it won't take long to meet our goals.  We are going to start promoting it with some of our live series and other things here shortly as well.  


Kyle the recording engineer came over today.  We paid him, revised our contract, set up a schedule and should be hitting the studio again in two weeks.  We'll be recording two more songs and have a two week deadline this time.  Much quicker than last time.