April 7, 2017 - Runaway Cat and Our First Hire


The six year old's cat got out last night.  This cat is her best friend.  He sleeps on her bed, sits with her at breakfast and follows her all over the house.  They are inseparable.  But today he was gone all day. She just wasn't herself.  We went on a couple of walks with the sole intention of trying to find him.  When we came back and ordered pizza...he showed up at the back door.  Thank God...it would have been a very difficult turn of events in an already difficult year for us.  We really don't want a depressed six year old because we are missing a little furry family member.

Kids getting ready for our walk to try and find the cat. 


I've been talking about building a team for awhile.  And originally, I wanted to grow a team completely organically only through students and other people I know.  Today we changed our minds.  We hired a paid professional Instagram Account Manager.  We are very excited to work with him.  We found him on Fiverr.com and he definitely knows what he's doing.  We still want to bring on some volunteers or even paid help from our friends, but right now we have no time to train someone for the job.  We're thinking this guy will help us gain up to 1,000 legit followers in a month...we sure hope so.  We are also looking to hire a video editor in the next few weeks as well.

Hopefully we'll have this little guy on our bands team one day soon!!


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