April 8, 2017 - Creepy Family Walk and New Lead for Office Space


We went on another family walk today.  We went the 2 1/2 miles to the mall.  It was a lot of fun as usual, at least on the way there.  The kids were great and got a lot of much needed attention from us after a full day of work.  The mall itself wasn't too fun, just because we got there too late and there wasn't enough time to do much of anything.  Our 6 year old lost her shoe and was getting down on herself...but I talked her through it and she felt better.

Then once we were leaving, Heather spotted the shoe from nearly a football field's distance away.  She also spotted either a hawk or an eagle in the park...which was amazing because it was pitch black, creepy and two of the kids were screaming half of the way through it.  I sure hope we get a new vehicle soon.  Yikes.


For work today, Heather and I double teamed on a new graphic for my Facebook Live Series, "Getting Loopy @ Lunchtime".  I absolutely love it.  I also worked on the prep for the cue cards for all the series.  It is now go time.  The countdown is 21 days until homelessness.  We are going to do everything we can to keep that from happening...much of which will be praying.

I also got a tip from a former student's parent that the building she works in is leasing out an office space for $400.  I will be contacting her A.S.A.P to attempt to move my students there.  Hopefully it will work out, they have a stage and host concerts there.   Actually, it's the same place that I was looking to host an open mic night several months ago.

This building is awesome.


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