May 16, 2017 - Excuses, Excuses

Today I was planning on going back to Cheyenne by myself to get back to work...but I found an excuse to stay with my family.  I had a ton of work to do on the internet today...and I don't get the internet in the shop until tomorrow.  So naturally I just decided not to go back to Cheyenne and just stay with them while I do all my computer work.

It was tough, mostly because I chose to stay in the living room...where all the crazy little people hang out!!  But I did get so much done.  I organized our dropbox account, organized all of the other files on my computer, organized our tablet, ipod, etc.  I also called Destiny Church about possibly putting together a music program for their K-12 school.  This would be a huge account if we land it...and she is very interested!!

It was an awesome day...I am very glad to have gotten an extra day with my wife and kids...even if I did have to work all day.  At least we were all together. 


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