July 5, 2017 - Special Time for 3 kiddos and Feelings of Inadequacy Resolved


We spent half of the day with the entire family, and left for Cheyenne around 2.  We took our son and our 2 younger girls.  They got some special time with their parents.  We took them to the mall to eat and walk around.  They got to hang around the shop by themselves. They had a lot of fun.  We both just wish that we could’ve brought all of the kids.  Hopefully we’ll get a vehicle big enough soon.  


When we got to work, Heather was overwhelmed with a sense that she didn’t belong here (Which isn’t true of course, this is her shop as much as it is mine).   It’s totally understandable…and quite sad.  Everyone in the building knows me.  They know her too, but only what I’ve told them about her.  There is so much to be done here that she didn’t know where to start.

Her feelings of overwhelm and unimportance quickly came to an end when Mark and Sara came by the shop for a couple of hours.  She quickly realized how important she was to this business and how appreciated she is. 

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

Obviously the moral to this story is we need a bigger vehicle and to live together again to get the balance back in order!!


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