January 16, 2017 - Is This Cheating at Blogging? I dunno, I’m a Rookie

Well, we’re behind again.  You may have read here (link to celebration) that we celebrated being caught up the other day.  Maybe that was a little premature.  What we are finding is that because we have only one laptop that we share, mixed with the amount of photo editing Heather is having to do…we are swamped.  Couple that with a weekend birthday, and…well here we are.

So, I’m giving Heather a break tomorrow to catch up…as well as maybe the next 3 or so days.  These next few posts will only be text, and if I do add visuals they will either be old pictures, unedited pictures or slightly edited video. 

Without further ado…I give you our first foray into Vlogging, enjoy.

This is how we made this photo:


We are planning on redoing it at a later date with a little prettier handwriting (which means not mine).


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