April 5, 2017 - Done Packing and Lessons


Today we finished the clothes...which means we are done with the initial phase of packing...FINALLY.  This means that we won't have to do any more real hardcore packing until the last week and we can focus now on getting a new place.  Which given our situation really means getting more people to follow our band and promoting our crowdfunding campaign.  It's going to be a crazy couple of weeks.

Me & our 6 year old found a bird egg outside - pic courtesy of the 5 year old!!

I did lessons today, but no real work on the band stuff.  We'll start doing all that tomorrow.  My lessons were fun though.  They are a big time stress reliever for me.   I really hope that I can keep all my students and move them into an office somewhere...or at least transfer them to Facetime or Skype.  We'll see. 


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