April 2, 2017 - Packing the Kid's Room and Recording Again


Continued packing today, not alot to say.  We had to start on the kid's room.  That was difficult...but surprisingly more for us than for the kids.  We figured that they would be bummed that we had to take all their horsey pictures down and pack up most of their toys, but they thought it was cool.  They felt like they had a whole new room.  So can't argue with that.


I went over to Kyle's today to record our first single off of the E.P., which will end up being "Big Plans", the one that I wrote for our son while he was in the hospital.  It's kind of interesting how it all happened...we began recording a year ago, thinking that we would release it last year.  But it kept getting put off.  Now we think we know why.  We have the music video already 95% finished, the vocals for the song are all that's left on the track and we have a strategy to get it in front of as many people who we believe are our target audience as possible.  This is really crazy how this is all panning out.  


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