Hospital, Day 14: 2/17/17 - Music Video & Ryan Seacrest Studios

Heather and I decided that we are going to do a music video for our son’s song.  We are making it a no budget video using footage from the hospital, pictures from home and of our son, and maybe even a couple of pictures the kids drew.  We are going to try to have it done by the end of our son’s stay in the hospital.


Which brings us to that point…it looks like his stay could be another week after his surgery before he’ll be coming home.  We all just want this to be over with, but we will be patient.  We found out that his condition was not even able to be treated before the 60’s.  Hydrocephalus, the fluid in his brain, would have killed him.  It is very difficult to think about, but on a good note, it is treatable now…and we will just be thankful having our son no matter how long our stay has to be.

We also have found an interesting opportunity because of our hospital stay.  Ryan Seacrest has some sort of foundation that is posted up in the Denver Children’s Hospital.  It’s called Seacrest Studios.  They broadcast various things into the rooms from their studio on the first floor.  Things like arts and crafts, exercise routines…and live music.  Every Thursday they invite people to play in their studio, we are thinking about playing the song I just wrote.  We just have to have enough time to practice it….

                                                          Image result for seacrest studios


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