May 25, 2017 - Employees' First Day of Work

It was a quite exciting day today as my employees first day of in depth work was today.  I had Kendra work on entering receipts into Quicken, enter my new contacts into my email, reconcile music teacher's helper lessons, sweep and mop and a whole lot more.  It was great.  All of this would have taken me much longer to do because my mind is flooded with so many other things that I need to get done.

Other than that, I had 2 lessons today.  The first one is a father and son taking guitar lessons together.  They come from a line of musicians.  The father's mother played in a band who employed Jalan Crossland, probably the most famous current Wyoming guitarist.  Anyway, they brought the son's two brothers and towards the end, we set up a full jam session with these kids.  And they are incredible!!  I've never seen kids this young with this tight of rhythm before...incredible!!


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