March 26, 2017 - Cleaning and Setting up Recording Schedule


Very busy day here at the house.  We began packing, started with the garage and getting it completely organized.  That way we can just bring stuff out from the house and put it in it's respective area (keep with us, store or give away/sell.  Now we can start getting the rest of the house packed.

Not sure what this is...found it on the kid's camera. 
We also started working on the GoFundMe campaign.  I put up the whole story this morning and sent out the campaign.  We have made $340 already in just 10 hours, which is awesome.  Our friends are very generous and we are very thankful for them.  We have a feeling it won't take long to meet our goals.  We are going to start promoting it with some of our live series and other things here shortly as well.  


Kyle the recording engineer came over today.  We paid him, revised our contract, set up a schedule and should be hitting the studio again in two weeks.  We'll be recording two more songs and have a two week deadline this time.  Much quicker than last time.  


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