April 4, 2017 - Still Packing and Recording Vocals


More packing today...ahhhh!!!  So sick of packing.  But all we really have left is clothes other than the day to day items.  Once we are done with that, we'll have more time to focus on the kids and  getting our music, live online series and crowdfunding campaign out there.

Poor woman.  Everyone's sleeping and look at all that laundry!!

I went into the recording studio today and finished my vocals on "Big Plans" and re-recorded some of the messed up parts.  When I came in, Kyle had showed me a delay that he had plugged in to the solo.  It sounded absolutely perfect to me!!  He also added some reverb and panned the tracks, then along with the vocals it's starting to sound exactly how I hear it in my head.  Wasn't exactly the way I wanted to record it (I'd love to record the whole album live, but with everything going on, that just isn't feasible).  Maybe next album.

We are really getting excited about releasing this thing!!


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