April 1, 2017 - Still Packing and It's Go Time

Kept on packing today.  Completely finished the basement storage area, then my brother came over and helped me organize the garage.  Things are moving along rather nicely...and swiftly.  Tomorrow is the kid's room and the play room.  It's going to be pretty sad for them for sure, but we are at least going to keep the bunk bed together for the 6 year old to have her little hideaway on the top bunk with her cat.  After tomorrow, we begin working on promoting our band, our fundraiser, and praying that we get a new place to live.  

Getting stronger every day.

Tomorrow also begins the second phase of recording.  We are going to work on recording the song I wrote for our son while he was in the hospital, which we plan on releasing as a single immediately afterword.  I will either have to get a ride or walk to the recording engineer's house because of our dead vehicle, which sadly means that I may have to record Heather's ukulele part as well.  As much as that sucks, we are running out of time and you gotta do what you gotta do.  If she can't make it out there to record her part next week, we will do a rerecording of it some other time for a full L.P.  

Two things are for sure, life is crazy right now and it's go time.   


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