Friday, July 15, 2016

July 15, 2016 - Baby 5, Week 15

  We are currently parents to four wonderful little girls.
We both have always wanted a large family and have been blessed with the four children we do have.  On Mothers day this year we found out that our family will be growing by one more!  We couldn't be more than happy.

 It then settled in that there are several things we have to take into account when we have this baby.  We are finally getting the hang of balancing family life, business life, and music life.  Then we are going to throw one more into the mix!  With this baby, we will have officially out grown our current vehicle. We need to figure out not only how to bring four children on tour, but now five and we have to balance the attention we give to the kids and the attention we focus on our music career. Just to name a few of the thoughts going through our minds.

We must be crazy!

Until reality sets in.  This is what we feel we are called to do.  We believe we can be full time musicians who stay home with their children, who are involved, and on top of that we can use our experiences to help someone else to bring their children up with a passion for music, for helping others, and for loving their family.  In turn we may have one or two (or all of them) who grow up wanting to play along side their parents and siblings.  We are working to create a healthy balance of teaching them and letting them explore and experiment with music in a way that does not turn them off.  We want to be involved in not only their growth as musicians but in their overall development as adults and establish a good relationship with each child.

This week marks week 15 and the beginning of documenting this pregnancy.  This is something new, that I have never done with any of my girls.

(update...looks like I'll have to document the entire pregnancy with the next baby... whoops!!!)

Cravings: nachos and spicy foods, soup, and pizza rolls

- Heather

Thursday, July 14, 2016

June 14, 2016 - Open Mics

June 14, 2016

Open Mic?

Today was quite eventful.  We took the whole family to a coffee shop that we just learned existed.  The point of the trip was to discuss the possibility of hosting an open mic there.  What we didn’t realize is that the coffee shop has a 298 capacity event room with a stage!!  Talk about the perfect opportunity!!

The stage is incredible

The coffee and the food were very good, yet the place opened just in November, so it seemed to have plenty of room to grow.  Talk about the perfect recipe for a crazy guy like me to come in and try to get them on board for an open mic.

We hope to help them out and vice versa by seeing if we can’t garner some interest in their shop by creating a family friendly weekly event.   I’ll let you know what she says. 

Historic Buildings are Perfect for Musical Performances

Wanna Beat Stage Fright?  Screw Up On Stage!!

The other thing is that I was able to conquer stage fright to a degree…I learned how to mess up.    I didn’t grow up onstage, I don’t naturally have good stage presence.  But tonight, I completely butchered a song on stage at an open mic night at Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins.  I laughed it off and no one cared.  I couldn’t even finish the song, but I asked to switch it out for another one and everyone was excited to hear it.  I was actually quite comfortable onstage for once!!! Hopefully a sign of things to come.

Pretty Nice Set Up, Including indoor & outdoor stages.
I am excited to see my stage presence improve.  We have a two point plan on how to work on it, one point being emceeing and performing at an open mic, and the other being performing for people online.  With four kids, we don’t have the luxury to just go out and perform constantly.
Not me, but it is the right stage.
Keep tabs on us to watch our performances grow, and please let us know how we are doing.

- Paul