May 19, 2017 - Woke Up to a Blizzard @ the Welcome Center

Well, I was justified to be worried about the snow!!  This morning I woke up stiff as a board in my car surrounded by several inches of snow at a Welcome Center right off the highway.  I left in a practical blizzard, could barely see...nearly got stuck, it was crazy.

But I made it into town safely.  I almost forgot to mention...all I brought was my sandals!!  I left my snow boots in Wheatland...and there is no getting back to Wheatland right now.  So I'm sloshing through this deep, wet snow with my feet fully exposed all day.  People are looking at me like I'm nuts...maybe I am.

The highlight at work was training my employees though.  The Tunnicliff sisters are going to be great employees.  I gave them a ton to do and they did it all happily.  I am very excited to have them on the Dunlevy Family Band team.  I just hope we can land those two huge accounts so I can give them a ton of hours...

My brother also had an acoustic show tonight at Sanford's.  I went and hung out for awhile, played some air hockey and foosball then hung out with my old student Denning for a couple hours jamming at the shop.  This kid (I should say adult now!!) is such a good musician, it was a lot of fun jamming with him again...felt like old times. 


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