April 29, 2017 - Moving Out and In

Today I got the truck.  It took me and Mark all day to move everything out to the shop and to the shop and to the storage shed.  Maybe partially because I slept till 10 after my one hour of sleep day yesterday.  We got started about 3 1/2 hours late.  It feels really good to have practically everything out.  I started off the day kind of bummed out, but I had time to think about all that's going on...and I have a plan now.  I'll save it for another day.

Mark was a ton of help.  Not sure what I would have done without him.  And, the shop...ooh man does it look awesome.  Wait til I put it together and we get some pictures up.  It looks so good!!  And we got the truck dropped off 3 minutes before we would have been locked out of the gates.  So a typical move for me and Mark.


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