April 13, 2017 - Carsick and Shooting the Music Video


I really wish our vehicle situation was a little better.  I had to go all over the place downtown today and barely got any time with the family.  It was all stuff that I could have brought them along with too...but walking would have made it take two to three times longer.  Driving would have made the day take about a third of the time.  I guess we'll just have to endure a little while longer.

Tired little guy today.


I got 2 of the last 6 shots that I needed for the music video today.  I had to go to the hospital to get a couple of chapel shots.  All that is left now is shots in the backseat of our friend's car that I drove to and from the hospital, a shot with me and the kids while I play one note on the ukulele, a shot with Heather and the hydrocephalus book, and the dreaded helicopter shot.  Not sure if I'll be able to get that one.
The kids love the Asher Building
I also went down to the Asher to get some measurements.  I talked to Maura the building manager about the P.A. system situation upstairs.  They desperately need one.  If they had one and the right management, I believe they would be the premiere venue in the city.  She seriously told me that she was glad she was going to have us in the building so we could lead them in the right direction.  They are pretty much going to let us navigate the direction of the best venue location in town!!  What a dream come true!!


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