March 16, 2017 - Breaking My Word and Finishing the Website


Well, I blew it this evening.  If you read yesterday's post, I swung the kid's around in a blanket and threw them onto the couch.  I used to do this in Oklahoma all the time, and they all love it.  I told them last night that I would do it again today.  I backed out tonight.  So lame.  One of the things that my stepfather taught me was that I am supposed to be a man of my word.  I messed this up.   I've decided that no matter what, I've got to do this tomorrow. 


Heather and I came up with a pretty solid plan to get our name out there.  If we can do this right, it could be huge.  I don't want to get ahead of myself and tell the world, but let me tell you it is very likely to work if everything goes right.  We spent all day refining the idea.  

I also reached another goal (at 4 in the morning) for getting caught up with our online presence.   And that just so happened to be the most important part...the website.  I did a total revamp and I am very happy with it.  It's not perfect...but it almost looks professional.  All I really want it to do is accurately portray who we are, and make it easy to navigate.  I think it does both of those things well.  We'll see.


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