February 2, 2017 - Transcribing a New Cover Song


Took a break on the website to work on a cover song that we will be playing on a video soon.  We haven’t done too many covers yet, but we have a list of them that I am working on transcribing.  I always transcribe every cover we learn or original we write.  I do this for many different reasons. 

Mae - This Time is the Last Time

Translating multiple guitars, bass, keyboards, etc. over to two ukuleles is a difficult process.  I like to keep as much of the notes in our cover arrangements as possible to keep the integrity of the piece as it was intended by the artists.  When we are writing, it helps me to come up with parts I wouldn’t normally have played otherwise.  And I am a teacher, so I enjoy having a copy of my work to share with students or anyone who is interested.  It may end up giving me a little extra income down the way too, who knows.


This took me all day to transcribe, but only one day!!


I pretty much failed today at interacting with the family much.  Man, I’m glad I wrote the blog in this format because it caused me to look at my day and realize just how many opportunities I missed to include the kids.  Thinking about it now, I could have shown my 4 year old how I was transcribing the song and she would have loved it.  I’m going to have to think about this ahead of time.

An idea just popped in my head…I’m going to save this blog format and open it at the beginning of the day in order to think about what I am going to write about for the day.  Thus making me plan out what I am going to do with the kids a little better.  (also it will keep me from almost forgetting to write it and remembering right before I fall asleep!!)

Well, hopefully that works…or else this blog is going to get a lot more boring before it gets more interesting if!!


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