January 23, 2017 - Logo Woes

We need a logo.  But to get a good logo you need one of two things money or time.  I don’t have either right now, but we really need a logo. So I did want any rational broke entrepreneur would do…I went to canva.com.

If you need to make graphics for your young business, I highly recommend Canva.com
We absolutely love Canva, we have made numerous posts, banners and logos using their website.  It is super easy and usually ends up looking great.  

A banner I made for a post series I'm launching in a couple weeks, about our crazy conversations we have around here.
This just looks too...childish or something...I don't know...just not what I was looking for.
I’m not exceptionally great at design (Heather’s got a better eye), so it sometimes takes me a couple of tries to create what I had in mind.

In fact, Heather is using it practically on a daily basis to put out a quote daily from this blog onto our instagram:


Here’s my final makeshift logo, it isn’t glorious but it will do for now.  I look at this almost more like our “Family Band Shield”, communicating what the Dunlevy Family is all about.


DFB of course stands for Dunlevy Family Band.  The two arrows on both sides are pointing upwards reminding us to look to God throughout our family and professional lives.  The wedding rings and the picture of the parents holding the baby are on the top to remind us that our family should be placed above our music.  And of course the ukuleles because that’s what we play. 

We are definitely going to put in the money for a professionally done logo in the very near future, but this was fun…and we really like it.  Thanks Canva!!


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