January 13, 2017 - Time to Celebrate

A lot of lovers ring in the New Year with a bottle of champagne.  We brought it in somewhere between looking for umbilical cord clamps and disposing of the placenta.  We looked up and it was 12:11.  Oh well, giving birth to our first boy was way better anyway.

Now you see 'em...
...now you don't!! You wouldn't believe the story behind these pictures.
That being said, tonight is a reason to celebrate.  We had a new baby the last day of the year and have somehow managed to team up to write a blog a day and edit pictures for it every single day for thirteen days.  Looking back at how exhausted we both have been…Heather for recovering from delivery…and me for having to attempt to be Mr. Mom…this is no small feat we’ve accomplished.

Blogging everyday is a lot of work.

Tonight, we move on to the next step…filling up our social media content schedule.  We’ve got a lot of content to post and a lot of blog posts to direct people too…it feels good.  All this planning we’ve done is beginning to sprout.  Just wait to see what we have in store for you.  It’s going to be awesome!!
Bout to blow up everybody's instagram feed!!

So tonight we are celebrating!!  We are celebrating the New Year, a new baby, the sprouting of our musical endeavor (after two years of sowing and watering), and celebrating our marriage…one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  And tomorrow…the kids are going to run circles around us.

Hoping the kids will stay asleep!!
Forgot to take a pic of us that night...disregard my unibrow.


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