June 9, 2017 - Disrespect and Killing it with Proposals


Today was a mess for the family.  Kids disrespecting mom, dog being picked up by the cops because he's going psycho over a dog in heat, Heather stressing over it all.  Not good for them.  They did end up going on a walk and grabbing Pizza Hut together... so one bright spot there.

I began writing my new blog series, a blog that takes a scientific method approach to balancing family and work.  More on that another day.


My side was nice and easy over at the shop.  Made 4 proposals that were all accepted.  Also got our green screen and 4K camera.  And I was commissioned by my friend Sara to run the live stream at her worship concert.  I asked Keaton, the guy I hired to edit our videos helped me out with it and we did a great job.  I think he'll be a great addition to our team!!

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

The distance is still the obstacle!!!


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