June 8, 2017 - Missing Dad and On Fire


The kids gave Heather a lot of trouble today.  They miss their dad.  That's no real excuse for bad behavior, but we need to at least understand their point of view to do anything about it.  We really need to figure out a way to schedule a daily time to FaceTime with them.


Today I was on fire getting stuff done.  I was wrapping up landing accounts with big clients, working on my solo set, planning our upcoming live streaming series, and a ton more.  It's like the break allowed me to regroup and now I'm just locked in and focused.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

Balance was leaning heavily to the work side of life today, but I feel like much of the work I did will end up swinging the balance back the other way.  Especially the work in my upcoming project, which focuses on figuring out how to balance musicianship and parenthood.


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