June 7, 2017 - "Vacation" Over and Giant List


Well today I left my family again, after a week and a half of “vacation" spending time with them straight through. It's very difficult, none of us want to part ways. To make matters worse, I forgot the phone. So now I have to either be at the shop or have Internet access to be able to get a hold of Heather.  Great work Paul!!


I got a lot done day of work. I got here at five, had a lesson, then just started plugging away with all the giant list that I have I stuff to do. Worked on the lesson plan for the Montessori, began working on our entry for the parks and rec lessons, and started a proposal for the Christian school. And that's on top of numerous other things that I also got done. Now I'm ready to go home… But I can’t, I don’t have one. .

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

The distance, the distance is getting in the way. That is my greatest obstacle. I hate this. I want this time to be over. I want my wife my kids.I don't want to sleep in the car. I hate this.


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