June 27, 2017 - Frustrated and Side Project


At 6 a.m. I departed from my family to start a new work week.  My sad kids got out of bed early just to hug me and say goodbye. I hate this.  I just want us all to be at our shop, me, wife and the kids. After all, we're supposed to be a Dunlevy FAMILY band!! Yet we don't even live together. Sorry I'm venting I'm just really frustrated today.


Work was great. I got so much done using the block scheduling format. This system flowed very well. I worked on mostly F.A.M.(E.) stuff.  I am so excited about that part of this whole thing. I really think that's going to serve a couple of very big purposes for our band and our family.

The first and the best part is that it will help our family to stay strong despite a extremely busy music career schedule.  The second aspect is that I think this project is going to be what gets us the most following for our band. Through F.A.M.(E.) will be reaching out to those people who are already committed to a career in music, helping them solve a huge problem in their lives: Balancing family life with their career. We do this right and awareness grows for our band by Osmosis, gaining fans from other bands.  Talk about a great a trade off if we can get this to work.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

I did FaceTime the kids today, and plan to all week. I think it's going to help even out the balance. But it's never going to fully get better until were living together again, I feel like I’ve said that before.


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