January 3, 2017 - Mr. Mom

So, I’m watching my wife deal with normal postpartum trials, mainly being sore and needing lots of rest, and I feel for her.  Women go through a lot in labor and I definitely respect that.  But having 4 other kids 5 years old and under means that I have to take care of them in order for her to get her rest.  I also have to take care of all the house duties to keep it from going to shambles.  Basically I have to play mom.  And man is it tough.

This would be us if the woman changed into p.j.'s
and traded the briefcase for a newborn...
and if I had one more toddler grabbing my ankles.

I had to prepare breakfast (cereal), dinner (frozen enchiladas), clean up after the meals, make sure all of the house is picked up after these 4 rambunctious kids destroy it, and all while attempting to get my work own work done.  How she does it everyday (while actually cooking real food), I have no idea.

Chef Extraordinaire!!

My non-Mr. Mom work today consisted of emptying all of our cameras of all the pictures and videos and organize them.  Which was great, because I ended up finding a lot of videos and pictures that we thought we had lost, including newborn pics and vids of our third child and a lot of videos from the shop!!

Very happy to find long lost photos of our third baby girl.

After all this at the end of the day, I still had a lot more work I needed to get done.  Usually I would do it.  I don’t know if it was the sentimentality of finding all those long lost family archives or just exhaustion setting in, but I couldn’t keep working.  So we all (minus a sleeping newborn) watched COPS, Judge Judy and Dude Perfect in the kids room for a couple of hours.  Sitting here thinking about it next to my new little son, I don’t regret taking the break to spend some quality time with my wife and kids. 

But now it’s time to get back to work.

Me and my new apprentice working the late shift.  :)


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