June 18, 2017 - What kind of Father Works on Father's Day?


Today was Father's Day, but we didn't really do a whole lot. We just don't have money. I ended up working way too much for a Father's Day.  We went on a short little walk, but most of the stores were closed by the time we got out. When we got back, I played a bunch of songs for the girls. That made my day, they loved it.


I worked on some stuff for in the morning and afternoon. Just doing some menial catch-up work. In retrospect I should've taken the whole day off and we could have gone on a longer walk.  I couldn’t even tell you what I did for work, I think I'm getting burned out completely. I wanted to eat removed from that long vacation too so...We need to get things moving.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

Well, it was a pretty balanced day  over all, But only if you don't look at the fact it was Father's Day. In retrospect I probably should have taken the whole day off and lean more towards the family time. My problem is I really want to get our business off the ground as fast as possible in order to live together again, so what do you do.


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