June 17, 2017 - Tricked Heather and Floating Around


I finally got to see my family again. I surprised Heather by acting like I still had a lesson and a bunch of other stuff to do after it. But really I had already left to make the drive to see them. When I got there she was ecstatic! So we're the kids. It was great, but the hardest part is I'm just so exhausted.  Four hours of sleep at night is starting to wear at me.


I did my lessons, all but one, which I canceled in order to leave early. I didn't really do anything else band-wise or anything.  Just floated around till it's time to leave. I'm exhausted.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

I wish this had been a full day with the family.  The half-day just wasn't long enough. Don't get me wrong, it was better than the last couple weeks when I came back to them around 9 PM or later. But I just want to live with my family again.


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