June 12, 2017 - Playing Games and Discovering Slack


It was hard for me today knowing I would have to leave again in the morning.  And today was really fun with the kids until they realized I was leaving tomorrow.  We played a card game that I made up (stay tuned, you'll hear all about it someday) .  We played Uno.  My oldest and I played a drawing game where one of us switched off drawing one line until we made a picture. We ended up drawing a treasure chest.


So I discovered Slack today… Which may be a good or a bad thing, cuz I’m kind of hooked now.  I spent much of the day setting it up.  It's like a social media network for business teams, perfect!!  I put together our project lists and integrated some of my favorite apps like todoist and mail chimp. I think it's gonna work well to streamline the efficiency of our band and studio.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

Balance was great today, I got a lot of work done and the kids didn't feel left out. Exactly what I'm going for.


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