June 10, 2017 - Back with the Family and Family Orientation


Saturday again!!!  Back with the family thank the Good Lord!!  Saturday's are the toughest work days for me because all I think about is how much I miss them.  I arrived around 8 pm and all the kids came and tackle-hugged me as soon as I walked in the door!! Hung out with the kids for several hours and the wife late into the night.  Ahhhhhhhhhh.......


I got the green screen and the soft boxes put together today and it looks great.  I'm slowly figuring out what this lumix G7 camera can do, and man is it powerful!!

I also held an orientation with Mark & Sara today which went very well.  We're Hopeful that they stay together and they stay working for us for a long time.  It really adds to the dynamic of the shop that we have my brother and his girlfriend working at the Dunlevy Family Band Studios.  Now my sister just needs a musical boyfriend in her life and come work for us!! How crazy would that be?

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

The balance between family and work life has officially shifted now that I'm up here.  Tomorrow should be very Family centered, although I am planning to try out the new camera on the kids for sure...


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