Jun 5, 2017 - Dog in Heat and Getting Behind


Today was a rough day with the family, the kids were stressed out. The dog is going stir crazy because there's a dog in heat nearby, and he's just losing his mind. I think he’s making everybody else lose their mind as well.  We’re not able to get as much work done because the dog and the kids are all demanding our full attention every single second.  I’m serious, this dog is going nuts.


So we we’re getting quite a bit behind on work today. We did get a lot done last night staying up till three, I'll probably do so again tonight.  We are inching closer to the finish line for our next campaign, it feels really good.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

I don't feel we are quite as balanced as we were yesterday, I don't know how often we can replicate yesterday. Though besides the dog, it wasn't terrible, at least not for us. Some of the kids may think otherwise, And I guess that's the more important thing anyway. So tomorrow my last full day here during this long “vacation”, I'm going to try to replicate the balance we had yesterday.


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