July 8, 2017 - Lost Our Phones and Business Presentation


Today was another day of practically no family interaction.  It sucks.  My phone’s minutes are up…Heather left her phone on the car right when we went on to the highway, lol.  Needless to say, it is nowhere to be found.  I am able to get ahold of her on FaceTime and iMessage, but it is so much easier and more often if we have our cell phones in commission.


I finished two pretty big projects today.  The first was creating a set of Lesson Studio agreements.  We definitely needed it because we’ve had numerous students giving us last second heads up on vacations, or not paying in time.  Don’t get me wrong, they are all still awesome…it’s my fault we don’t have measures in place to prevent all this from happening.  Well now we do.

The second project was creating a Keynote Presentation about our business model and how we plan on taking our band to the national level.  I need this to communicate to our team, clients, and other people as well.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

While I wasn’t able to get much together in the way of family today, the work that I did was definitely work that will get us closer to bringing our family back together and creating more family time.  When people don’t pay us, that’s going to make it take longer for our family to get out of this hole.  So I made a set of measures to prevent that from happening.  This is a long process, but we have to do it right.


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