July 7, 2017 - No Family Time Again and Hired a Band Manager!!


I left my family this morning at 6 am to go to work.  Which sucks.  I didn’t get to spend very much time with any of them.  I didn’t end up having a FaceTime session with them. It sucked.  Completely unbalanced day.


Work was exciting.  I had a meeting with an old friend named Aaron.  He has been doing concert promotion here in Cheyenne and has brought it big name Christian groups like Superchick, Mannafest, Pillar, Disciple, etc.  Pretty awesome. I wanted to discuss two things with him: becoming our Band Manager and Starting a Podcast.

I envision interviewing musicians with families on our podcast, discussing how they balance their career and their family lives.  Among other things he can help with, he can definitely help us get people on the show!!  Very exciting!!

As for the band manager part, I was very impressed with his knowledge of what the job entails, and he seemed impressed with our band’s business model.  We are definitely going to be working together!!

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

I am very bummed out about how the family isn’t here with me at the shop.  It is, after all, Dunlevy Family Band Studios…not the Dunlevy Lonely Man Studios.  I am just so bummed out about it.  I am staring at this Green Screen thinking about how cool it would be to teach the girls how to use iMovie to make their own little films.  Very sad.


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