July 4, 2017 - Warzone and Trying to Book My First Show as a Talent Buyer


Today was Independence Day.  We celebrated by reorganizing the room we are staying in.  The flow is much better now...with good ventilation for the cat litter, better storage system and more floor space for Heather and I to sleep on.  We hung out with the kids all morning while we rearranged and none of us ate or drank anything until it was done.  And we finished pretty quick!!  There's one of those life lessons I was desperate to teach!!

We walked to a park to watch the fireworks...but the walk home was the best part.  It is legal in this town to shoot off fireworks for a week leading up to July 4th.   It literally sounded like we were walking through town during a war!!!  It was crazy.


I am trying to put together my first show for the Asher building.  We are looking at a couple of lead singers from big name Christian rock bands to play solo acoustic sets.  I am worried about it a little though because it would only be 9 days from now...not sure how successful we could make it in this short of time.

I also did a little work on the rest of business...but not much other than practice.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

It was a good balance today.  A little family heavy...but that's ok on a holiday for sure.


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