May 8, 2017 - Not Good For a Man to be Alone

I couldn't stand it anymore...I had to see Heather and my kids.  I slept in my car at the welcome center outside of town for about 2 to 3 hours.  I had the dog with me too, and I couldn't find my I had to use a towel.  I woke up around 630 or 7 and just decided to drive to see them.

It felt so good to be with the family after all the stress of having to move all the stuff out of our house.  They were happy to see me too!! When I got there we spent a little bit of time hanging out all together out there, but then we had to go back to Cheyenne in order to clean up the yard.  I wasn't able to get everything in the yard last night because it was so dark.

It was pretty sad at the house, but Heather and I had a good time together (even though we had the dog).  We headed back to where they are staying together...but sadly I have to leave for Cheyenne again tomorrow. 


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