May 7, 2017 - Almost Squatted...Woulda Won the Fight

Today was the last day listed on the notice to quit for us to be in the house before they start the eviction process.  I really thought about squatting...mainly because they totally lied in it.  They said that we were being evicted for not paying rent (which we did, even this month's before they returned it) and because we broke a term of the lease (which they've never specified what that was, and I've checked dozens of times and have seen nothing about getting the water shut off being grounds for eviction).

But, even though they lied on the form to the courts...and we probably have a cut and dry case...I feel like we should direct our energy into our band and our business instead of into a defense in an eviction case.  After all, if we win we end up in a house owned by people who can't stand us.

Anyway, I got everything out of the house at the buzzer, pretty much midnight exactly.  It has totally exhausted me...


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