May 30, 2017 - Appointments, Appointments!!

Heather, the baby, our 3 year old and I all went down to Cheyenne today.  Heather had her first physical therapy session to work on fixing her shoulder.  Turns out that it's less severe than a torn rotator cuff, definitely a good thing.  We also had an interview with a young lady, a prospect for a private and home school teaching position...she also happens to be my brother's girlfriend.  We were so impressed with her resume and just her as a person that we just hired her on the spot.

While Heather was at her appointment, I had a meeting with the first private school on our map to create a music program for.   That went amazingly well too.  It seems that they were expecting just to have just one teacher come in and teach private lessons.  By the end of it, they seemed very interested in a choir and general music class.  Just have to propose the right price.  Things are really moving fast!!


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