May 26, 2017 - Weird Open Mic Experience

Today was interesting to say the least.  I had our office manager, Kaira, come in today and do pretty much all the same work as her sister Kendra did yesterday.  Except I added having her creating invoices.  This is why I hired do all the boring stuff that I hate doing!!  She did exceptionally well too.

I couldn't figure out what to do with myself this I strolled up to the rival open mic at the Paramount Cafe.  And let me tell was weird.

I had brought in my ukulele and was considering playing a tune.  This dude who called himself "Crosstown Richard" came in acting mighty strange (I think he would have used the word "cool" instead of strange, not me) when he was talking to the staff about signing up to play.  He was able to sign up to be the very next act...and he wasn't a bad blues player at all...complete with harmonica.  Just still a little strange.

His time came to an end and the next performer, a 15 or so year old girl came up to play.  But "Crosstown" hesitated very awkwardly to get off the stage.  Took him a minute actually.  Then he never really left the stage, standing just off of it by the lone P.A. speaker, guitar still in hand.

This very talented young lady began playing an original...and it was great...marred only by Crosstown Richard playing lead guitar over her song, without asking her permission to do so.  Very strange indeed.  I'm not saying that his playing didn't sound decent...I just have never seen this type of behavior at an open mic without it getting snuffed out by the management.

He continued to do this for the rest of the performers, switching between guitar and harmonica.  And you could read each performer's body language, noticeably feeling the awkwardness as well.

Well, I rounded out the night by sleeping in my car at a gas station.  I miss my family. 


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