May 17, 2017 - No Choice but to Leave the Family Again

So I had no choice but to go back to Cheyenne today.  The internet was installed, I had a lesson scheduled and the open mic was tonight.  I immediately facetimed the fam from the shop.  That was nice.  Not as good as being together, but at least I don't have to leave the shop to see them.

The open mic was great, a really nice lady came in with her daughters...who both had awesome voices.  Turns out the mom is a Sunday school teacher at our favorite church, Calvary Chapel.

My big family of students, the Tunnicliff's also played up there.  I was really proud of the oldest, who played her originals even though she was nervous to do so.  They got the best response from the crowd for the originals (so hopefully she likes them now as much as everyone else did!!)

The big downside is poor Heather and the kids had a rough day though.   Lots of behavior problems.  Probably because they miss me and are having a tough time dealing with us all being separated.  I don't blame them, we just have to figure out how to help Heather keep her sanity.  Hopefully this season of life won't last too long. 


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