May 15, 2017 - Finally Some Help at the Shop!!

I took Heather with me to the shop in Cheyenne today.  I got some much needed assistance hanging stuff up.  We busted it out quick.  It was awesome being able to hang out with her practically alone (with this big of a family, having only an infant an a dog feels like a date). 

It was great to have her eyes and her hands for hanging stuff.  She steam cleaned the couches, swept and mopped, all while I set up the P.A. system.  We played a song together on our practice stage too.  We recorded it and everything...but then the phone died and we lost it 🙁.

The highlight of the day was when we went to grab some stuff at the storage shed.  It was beautiful all day...but when we went there it began to pour rain...the hardest of the night while we're trying to dig through the junk I stuffed in there.  And it's so packed you can't get in so we were being dumped on the whole time!!!

It was a great day.


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