May 14, 2017 - Mother's Day Organization

Today was Mother's Day.  I am so glad I got to spend it with my wife!!  I got her a little speaker/stand for her ipad so that they can all hear me better when we facetime.  She can also use it for spotify or youtube or whatever she wants. 

My friend who we're staying with and I worked on organizing his garage today.  May not sound like the best thing to do for Mother's Day to you...but I guarantee you it was.  My friend is a man who likes to get stuff done...and he tried to get too much done at once...and it made everything all discombobulated in his house from all of his remodeling projects bleeding into each other out of necessity.  So it's making the ladies go crazy while they take care of the kids during the day.  So we are going to fix that for them...and the first step is organizing the storage area.


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