May 13, 2017 - Mother's Day Eve Pizza

I got to be reunited with my family today!!  I couldn't get jack diddly done at work because I was thinking about it so much, and there is so much to do that it's overwhelming as it is.  We went to Pizza Hut as a family to celebrate Mother's Day Eve.  It was so great...other than the $50 bill!!!  But that's okay...she's worth it.  We made a plan for tomorrow and beyond...we have a lot of work to do but we're going to make it.

In work related news, I found a killer podium, probably worth $200, that I picked up for only 10 bucks.  Also, I am dangerously close to landing a huge account with a Christian K-12 private school.  They want us to do their entire music program...and that Sara girl that my brother brought over yesterday...she is going to school to lead a choir...


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