May 12, 2017 - Strange Quartet

Today was the final Friday at the Asher concert in the series for the year.  I sat through nearly the entire sound check for both bands.  The opening band's sound was a little rough...but not too bad...but the second band had it almost nailed.  There was still a little problem with the volume and clarity of the vocals, but overall them and the sound guys did a more than decent job.

I showed a few people the shop, including my old employee Denning, and Mark's new friend Sara.  We all banded together in the shop and put together one of the strangest quartets imaginable:

Sara - Ukulele
Denning - Accordian
Mark - Melodica
Paul/Random Passers-by - Theremin

I totally wish that I had internet today...we should have live streamed this.  Maybe should have just filmed it...but that's okay, if you think that's the last crazy busking group we put together at this shop you are sadly mistaken...


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