May 10, 2017 - Making Waitresses Cry

So I stayed up all night last night at Shari's working.  I got a lot of work done, don't get me wrong, but it was rough.  I finished editing the first video in a series that I am going to put out soon.  It's called Anything Uke Can Do.  In this series, I take a video of someone who is teaching a guitar lick in a particular style on Youtube, and I play the exact same thing on the Ukulele.  I think it'll be a good series if I can get it to take off.  Not sure if it will take off or not, it is more of a teaching style video than story-type content like we are mainly planning for Dunlevy Family Band.  But it does help my playing a ton, and it could help someone else's.

I was very depressed working late into the night last night.  I really miss my family.  My waitress was awesome though...she kept all my glasses full and even gave me a free huge plate of garlic bread after the first one I ordered tasted awful.  She then asked about what I was working on, I told her and she asked me to play her a song.  I played Been Too Long and I guess it struck a nerve.  She started tearing up.  Man I needed that reaction.  It made me feel like this is all going to be worth it one day. 


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