May 1, 2017 - What Just Happened?

Big day today.  I went and paid the rent...just to have them deliver the money order back to me.  They want us out and don't care if we try to pay.  So we'll have to wait and see when they'll serve an eviction notice.  In the meantime we made arrangements with a friend to stay with them.  Toughest part is that it's in a different town.

We also scored a $1,400/month client, a Montessori School here in town to do Music Together.  How huge is that?!?!  And it just fell in my lap.  The woman who did it sent me and email saying she was moving out of town and that she wanted to give the program to me!!  When does that happen?  Only thing is that the smart thing to do with the money is hire a full-time receptionist to attempt to get things going faster and keep organized with the band and lessons.  Phew. 

So it looks like we might be separated against our will for a few months while I try to build the business and Heather and the kids stay with our friend an hour out of town.  Did not expect this.  Our relationship will no doubt survive this.  The desire to be reunited with my family will drive me to do the absolute best that I can and move fast!!


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