June 3, 2017 - "Extended Family" and 3 New Students


I was gone from the family most of the day, I had two students with big events going on. One of my current students graduated from high school last week and had his party today… and a former student of mine got married. It really made me realize how much I just love teaching guitar. Almost all of my students become more like friends over the years.

When I got home the kids were just so desperate for daddy, which I enjoy because they're a lot of fun when they want to hang out that much (at least if I pay full attention to them that is). All we really did was watch America's funniest home videos. But that's OK, at least we did so together.


This morning I had three students that signed up with the parks and rec department. All three of them are awesome and will be very fun to teach. It was definitely worth the drive to Cheyenne.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

Today I feel like I did pretty good at balancing family and work, considering that I did have to spend eight hours away from my family. I ask all really be the distance.


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