June 1, 2017 - Blogging Problems

So if you have been following this blog at all for the last several months, I have had as much trouble keeping the format consistent as I have had consistently balancing Family and Work Life themselves, which is the whole point of this blog in the first place.

So I've found some new tools to help me solve my problems.  First here are the problems I've had:

1. Actually writing every day. 

      Obviously this is the most important part of every daily journal blog.  I haven't missed writing about a day yet...but it's been really close.  A few times, I've had to go back to my calendar and rack my brain to remember what happened.  Though I have stayed accurate 100% accurate to each day's events...my goal is to get a more real time analysis of my days.

2. Capturing the day in Photo and Video

      This wasn't much of a problem when we had a home, or weren't in the hospital.  But now with everything going on, it is very difficult to remember to get photos and videos for the blog.  And when I do remember, I think about our disorganized system for media and just don't capture photos and videos at all.

3. Keeping with my original structure and intent
      As I said before, the purpose of this blog is to document each day and determine how I can better balance my family time and work time.  I knew that some days it would end up just being a log of our experiences, but I need to make sure that part is subservient to the overall goal of making sure that my kids and wife were not put on the back burner due to our music career. 

Tomorrow, I will go into detail about how I plan on solving these problems....


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