April 30, 2017 - Getting the Shop Ready

Today we spent the whole day at the shop together as a family.  We got everything in order...except plugging things in and hanging things up.  It is awesome.  It was very tough because the kids had to stay in a confined area (the shop isn't that big).  They would need something one after the other whenever we would try to start getting something done.  But it worked out after awhile.  They napped and we got them busy on a movie towards the end (which we don't like to do, but it works in these kind of situations).

Tomorrow is the day we are supposed to be out of the house, and since we don't have anywhere to call our own, the day we are possibly going to be homeless.  Our family began walking home at around 11am, through downtown with the kids covered in blankets being pulled in a wagon.  We could feel the people who saw us wondering if we already were. 


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