April 28, 2017 - Did that really happen...or was I just sleep deprived?

This morning I was awoken by the dog barking at the top of his lungs...at 7:30 am...I went to bed after at 6:30 am editing our video...but lo and behold it was one of my favorite student's parents handing me $300!!!  She said she and her son had been homeless before :(  I cannot believe how kind that was!!

I proceeded to stay awake the rest of the day...riding a bike all over town.  I got the lease signed and notarized, the keys to the shop, the keys to the moving truck, cleaning supplies, our son's seizure medication, money put into the bank...in freezing temperatures with little icy snow pellets slamming me in my eyes...did I already mention on one hour of sleep?

In a car I could have done all that in an hour...it took me 5.  Should prepare me for tomorrow though.  


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