April 25, 2016 - One Chapter Ending...the Other Beginning


Everyone's kind of depressed around here.  Not knowing where you'll be living in five days will do that to you.  We moved the kid's room upstairs...so they're excited about that.  But that will be over by Monday and the reality that we have nowhere to call our own will set in for sure.  Mark came over though...


...he helped me move a bunch of stuff into the studio.  We'll be moving everything else on Saturday morning.  Then it will be determined focus on the new shop and trying to get teachers and students to make the thing pretty much run on it's own with me calling the big picture shots.  I've even got a pair of receptionists ready to work...as well as a couple of teachers.  We've really got to make this thing count so we can get a place to live asap.  And at the same time...we can't let the lessons overrun the band...so we'll have to be very careful. 


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